Hello, welcome to PolicyValidator!

Welcome to PolicyValidator!

Before uploading your policy have these items ready:

  • Policy Number
  • Policy Effective and End Dates
  • Policy / Proof of Insurance Declaration
  • Primary Policy Holder Name, Birth Date, Email
  • A signed lease agreement

Note: If you don't have all of the items you can still proceed to the next step and we can get you an eRenterPlan policy from your preferred provider.

Items on your policy that will be validated:

Items that will be validated:

  • Interested party address noted on the policy
    P.O. Box 115009 Carrollton, TX 75011
  • Liability amount meets property requirements
  • Policy starts on or before your move in date
  • Insured name on the policy matches the name on your lease
  • Insured location is accurate